If you are excited about getting involved and want to start volunteering, the best way to get started is to simply send me an email, or  give me a call at (415) 323-5833, or just jump in by registering and interacting with our General Communications Connector.

Here are a few ways that you can help:

Help Start a Non-Partisan Support Committee

for All-Volunteer Campaigns:

Additionally I need people to help start an official government committee that supports campaigns for any candidate or ballot measure that agrees to run a no budget campaign.  This is where all the donations from my campaign will go.  For more information click here.  Oh, and if you want to run for office now or in the future, you can contact me too, and we can work together.

Signature Gathering

Collecting signatures is the only way that I can get on the ballot.  Although it is still possible to be a write-candidate, I can make a much bigger impact if I am on the ballot.

To start you can either pledge your signature, or you can sign the official petition (Starting June 3rd) to get me on the ballot for November.

Help Collect More Signatures

For my San Francisco Mayor Campaign I need about 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot.  So I am looking for Signature Gatherers who can commit to getting 100 signatures each between June 3rd-July 28th.  100 is not too much to ask, but there is no way I can get that many signatures on my own.

Additionally I need people who are willing to become Signature Coordinators and commit to finding 10 people each of whom commit to getting 100 signatures.  This is a more involved position, but you only have to coordinate 10 people, so it’s not too much to worry about.  Please contact me directly if you are interested.

Pledging Your Signature

Pledging your signature is simple just  click here and fill out the questions at the bottom of the form where you can let me know how many additional signatures you are interested in committing to get.  Although actually getting signatures is more important, pledging is very fast, and gives a general idea how many signatures we can anticipate.

Signing the Official Petition

The official petition is here and you can help me get on the ballot.  Simply click here to Download the official Petition and follow the attached instructions, and start gathering signatures.  For more Information about signature gathering Click here.

Register and interact with the General Communications Connector (GCC)

The GCC is the main focal point for all volunteer communication and decision making for the campaign.  If you want to get more involved with any aspect of the campaign, or want to just learn more about it, this is a great place to go to read more information and have your questions answered.  Click here to enter the GCC.

Help get me into the polls and Media:

Main tasks for volunteering is getting info in the polls and media.

Link me through the social networks, get on polls and talk about it on other political sites.  Call and get on radio shows, and even TV shows. 

Jay’s Candidacyhttp://jaycan.us

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Current Year Campaigns

 Santa Cruzhttp://jaycan.us/SCMayor
San Franciscohttp://jaycan.us/SFMayor

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