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Dear Santa Cruz Citizens,

Although I am on the ballot for city council, I am running a 2-3 year campaign to become the first popularly elected mayor of Santa Cruz ever.  I want to see the mayor of Santa Cruz become directly accountable and elected by the people.  I believe that all heads of government need to be accountable directly to the people for accountability purpose. 

Most people I talk to about this issue don’t know that the Mayor isn’t popularly elected, and usually they also don’t even know who the Mayor is. 

I have already begun drafting the ballot measure that will change the Santa Cruz City Charter to make the Mayor of Santa Cruz popularly elected by the people.  Please read and email comments as the official ballot measure will be what becomes law.  If you are in support of the Mayor becoming a popularly elected position, please email me so that we can put you on our list to let you know when we need your signature on the official government petition.

The ballot measure itself will be run and sponsored by the Governance Evolution Project (PAC), so if you’d like to support this ballot measure please contact me and I will let you know who you would write checks to and how to get on the email update list.

Thank you for your support in connecting to a vision of tangible change for our city and communities.  Lets make Santa Cruz a model of transparent and effective governance.  This will take time, but the time to act is now.



Do you want the Santa Cruz City Charter amended to have the Mayor of Santa Cruz become a popularly elected position by the people?



Amendment to the City Charter will have no substantial impact on the budget, and will amend the City Charter of Sections 604 and 606 as follows:


The Mayor shall preside at the meetings of the Council, and shall be recognized as the representative of the people of Santa Cruz and the head of the City government for the purpose of holding accountability and vision for the people. The Mayor will also head ceremonies and be the contact to the Governor for purposes of military law. Administrative duties Include ensuring sustainability, community, health, wellbeing, peace…

The Council shall appoint one of its members who shall have the title of Vice Mayor to act as Mayor during the absence or disability of the Mayor, and if a vacancy occurs, shall become Mayor for the completion of the unexpired term. The Vice-Mayor shall be appointed from the Council members at the second meeting in November in each non-election year, and at the second regularly scheduled evening Council meeting after the general municipal election in each election year. The Vice-Mayor so appointed shall serve until their successor has been elected.

(Amended 3-6-79; 11-4-86; 11-6-90; 11-5-09)

Section 606

Powers of the Mayor will be given through the council and can be revoked at anytime.  Powers can be given to a single Mayor’s term, or to all Mayors indefinitely until the provision is revolked.


Click here to Download the Word Doc with text edits of the original language.Measure_files/SCmeasures.doc