How to Get People Jobs

I see the simplest and most publicly supported ways of getting people jobs are as follows:

  1. Bullet  Make advantages to hiring workers with incentives for businesses, and reduce the ability to lay off workers. 

  2. Bullet Upgrade as much infrastructure as we can, including schools and weatherizing every home.

  3. Bullet  Transitional Job Opportunities Programs that open organizations to take mass numbers of workers who need jobs in a program that gives them work and gets them ready for permanent positions with other companies or promotions.

Additional more extravagant ideas I support are as follows:

  1. Bullet  Make having a Job a right, and ensure that everyone who wants a job gets a job.

  2. Bullet  Increase minimum wage, but make it possible for individuals to legally reduce their own minimum wage to improve chance to get a job and allow our economy to compete with global economies.

  3. Bullet  Increase incentives for any business that keeps workers in the US instead of outsourcing them.

There is an amazing amount of information about creating jobs online.  Here is one link:


Jay’s Candidacyhttp://jaycan.us