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Integrity of Government

I still need to do research on this issue, and get more feedback in order to lay out a feasible plan, but here are a few of my ideas off the top of my head.

  1.   Non-partisan elections certification

  2.   Primaries, Ranked, Approved or Score Voting

  3.   Incentives to encourage voter participation. For example, have term limits based on the percentage of the total population that voted for the winning candidate.  To get the full term, you would need 75%+ of total population, for a 3/4 term, need at least 50% of population, for 1/2 term only 25% of population, and for 1/4 term less than 25%.

  4.   Citizen oversight and public evaluations of all public servants, real time public access to information

  5.   Participatory budgeting,  keep money local when that is where the money is spent

  6.   International observations of elections and certification advisory in decision making.