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Environment & Biodiversity

I still need to do research on this issue, and get more feedback in order to lay out a feasible plan, but here are a few of my ideas off the top of my head.

  1.   Protect ecosystems and large tracts of land developed or undeveloped

  2.   Tax any development projects that level and then build instead of building around already existing plants, trees, streams, and slopes. 

  3.   Build over streams and waterways instead of turning them into gutters/ drainage.  Bridges, not tubes, streams not tubes.

  4.   Monitor and publicize all purity data for soil, water air etc...

  5.   Pay carbon sinks

  6.   Re-populate biodiversity in deserts with shwals.

  7.   Develop guidelines for development in synchronization with the environment in certain areas/ large tracts of land, where conventional construction and development is banned.