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Cultural Rights

I still need to do research on this issue, and get more feedback in order to lay out a feasible plan, but here are a few of my ideas off the top of my head.

  1.   Legally establish rights to ensure survival of indigenous Language, time, mannerisms, and trade, through translation and exchanges.

  2.   Establish legal parameters on the creation of all legal documentation in the organization and accessibility of all cultures and communications styles, languages, calendars, and traditions.

  3.   Establish a process for interacting with local community trade systems that strengthen the traditional trade mechanisms instead of annihilating them.

  4.   Raise resources to give access to education and information about local cultures for everyone to learn and participate; including languages, traditions, and celebrations.

  5.   Give representation to cultures and rights to ensure their survival and diversity.

  6.   Ensure that cultures can not legally take away peoples individual or social rights. 

  7.   Give access to people to learn the culture of the land they live on, and to learn their own culture of heritage.