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Budget (California State)

I still need to do research on this issue, and get more feedback in order to lay out a feasible plan, but here are a few of my ideas off the top of my head.

  1.   Majority Vote! to pass a budget.  We need to Govern with Majority rule.

  2.   Participatory Budgeting

  3.   Get $ Directly where it will be spent, less red tape

  4.   Clear Budgets with easily understandable graphs, income, and expenditures

  5.   Reduce employees where applicable

  6.   Job transition programs

  7.   Increase affluence taxes to make equal to % of middle class (top 400 or so incomes)

  8.   Programs to Reduce Poverty, improve economy through small business and new jobs, and increase tax revenue

  9.   Temporal Budgeting (don’t spend money we don’t have)

  10.   Keep Education a high priority for future growth