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Big Government / Bureaucracy

These are ideas that I support.  These aren’t necessarily the most popular ideas that exist.  If you have a better idea, please let me know.

  1.   We need more evaluations on all levels of government, continually.

  2.   Citizen Oversight of Government on every level

  3.   Budget Oversight - Reduce Budget (Big Budget = Big Government)

  4.   Simplify Government and Government Processes

  5.   Public Involvement on every level

  6.   Jobs in private sector - reduce government workforce

  7.   Change decision making procedure so that popular proposals get approved fast, and enacted fast.

  8.   Meticulous detail, of every aspect of government systems to eradicate waste

  9.   Let local issues be dealt with locally

  10.   Don’t take money you don’t need just to re-distribute.