Welcome to a new way of running a campaign.

My name is Blas Jacob Cabrera.  I go by Jay.

I have committed myself to run for public office for the rest of my life and am declaring my intention to run for Governor of California.

Although I may not focus on the Governor’s race, I am grounding a foundation for future years and future elections.

My goal in running is to get the issues I represent into public discussion as I know I have different and unique ideas that I don’t hear in the political discussions.  Although my goal is to get enough signatures to be on the ballot, my priority is to give the public more choices in who they want as their elected representative, as it could take many years before I am able to directly make an impact in the Governors race or get enough signatures to get on the ballot.  Please Pledge Your Signature by clicking here, so that I can contact you in the short window that we have to sign the official petition to get me on the ballot.

Each election season, I will work with my supporters to decide which political office that I will run for based on where I can have the most impact in the election.   You can share your option and vote by clicking here.

My long term goal in seeing our government evolve is to bring more integrity and honesty. I want to prioritize use of technology to make governance systems that are simple, efficient, and interactive.  We have all the technology and networks to implement direct real-time involvement of the people in everyday decision-making processes in our government. 

I will take direction directly from the people through online systems of polling.  As a populist candidate I want to work on what the people want me to.  You can vote on your top issues by clicking here.   Currently the top priority for the public is dealing with the economy and jobs.

I see the simplest and most publicly supported ways of improving the economy and increase jobs are as follows:

  1. Bullet  Make advantages to hiring workers with incentives for businesses, and reduce the ability to lay off workers. 

  2. Bullet Continue increased public works projects through stimulus bills and support for growth of small businesses. 

  3. Bullet Additionally we need to fix  the banking system to ensure that all low rate loans given to banks are directly loaned out to businesses and stop banks from investing in dividends like hedge funds making a quick buck while risking the future of the economy.

Additional more extravagant ideas I support are as follows:

  1. Bullet  Make having a Job a right, and ensure that everyone who wants a job gets a job.

  2. Bullet  Increase minimum wage, but make it possible for individuals to legally reduce their own minimum wage to improve chance to get a job and allow our economy to compete with global economies.

  3. Bullet  Support development of local economies that buffer and support national and global economies.

  4. Bullet  Create a financial parliament of representatives from organizations and businesses to help develop policies that manage the balance of the economy(s).

For more information about all of my ideas to check out my platform.

My campaign will show that with time, patience, and interactive education that money is not necessary to run a successful campaign.  My campaign will run entirely on volunteer and in-kind donations and have no direct fundraising.  All contributions will go to a non-partizan organization that supports any candidate that runs entirely by volunteers.  You can learn more about this third party organization by clicking here.

My Letter Of Declaration

Mi Letre de Declaration

Un traducion va a estar pronto.

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